Wedding in Cortona at the luxury Villa di Piazzano

wedding photographer in cortona

A day full of emotions and tears of joy. With this words I’d describe the KATIE & TOLGA‘s wedding. From the photos you can perfectly understand that they were not afraid to show themselves as they are, freeing their sensations with naturalness. Katie was so excited that during the preparations she preferred to stay alone with her loved ones!

They arrived from the U.S. to get married in the historical and luxury residence Villa di Piazzano, near Cortona in Tuscany, in a valley surrounded by hills. The ceremony took place in the large garden in front of the villa. After the dinner, the Turkish origins of Tolga and his relatives manifested themselves during the party when they ran wild with the traditional music of their country, involving all the guests.

Click on the following link to see the photo shoot of this beautiful wedding in Cortona on my website.

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