Intimate wedding in the roofless San Galgano abbey

professional wedding photographer in san galgano

A beautiful mid-spring day, the vitality of nature awakened after the winter, a deep blue sky all around us. This is the “mood” of the landscape surrounding SARAH & LAWRENCE‘s wedding. We are in Tuscany, at Tenuta di Papena, a few steps from San Galgano abbey.

Here, the newlywed couple together with his relatives and guests are getting ready in a total relaxed atmosphere. The proof is very simple: just see the four-legged guests of the tenuta to understand!
When it’s time to leave, he and the guests start to go to San Galgano and she reaches him at a later time with a Fiat 500. The intimate ceremony is held under the sky within the timeless walls of San Galgano abbey. Following, some romantic couple photos and back to Papena for the party.

After the photo gallery, you can see the wedding film trailer by Claudio Carlitti.

Click on the following link to see the photo shoot of this cozy wedding in San Galgano on my website.

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